Adam and I are here in Denver too.

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    Adam G. and myself arrived today for CEDIA 2006, joining Gregg and we are sorting things out regarding what to see and when. From our preliminary advance "scouting" it appear that the show is going to be about twice as big as last year's in Indianapolis. Ron and Parker join us tomorrow.

    Today was the calm before the storm. Tomorrow we go to some press briefings and the actual show starts on Thursday through Sunday. We will be looking at all things 1080p, HD disc formats, HDMI issues and solutions, and anything else that you want us to hone in on.

    Thanks to those who have asked us to focus on certain HT products and procedures. And with so much to see, you might not get an answer unless you ask a question. So if anyone else wants us to investigate something that hasn't been mentioned so far now's the time to bring it up. We are taking notes and on Thursday things shift into high gear (pun intended).


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