ABC Press Release: Scandal: The Complete First Season

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    The Complete First Seasons of Acclaimed Drama Series
    The River,” “Missing & Scandal and the

    Hilarious Hit GCB

    Available On DVD This Spring – Loaded with Never-Before-Seen Bonus Materials

    BURBANK, Calif. – March 23, 2012 – ABC Studios is proud to announce the May/June DVD debut of four new TV series on DVD, just weeks after their season one finales on ABC-TV. Exciting spring releases begin May 22 with the DVDdebut of the paranormal thriller “The River.” The network’s hilarious “GCB” struts its stuff to DVD on June 12, and both the explosive thriller “Scandal” and the mystery-suspense sensation “Missing” head home to DVD, also on June 12. These outstanding ‘Season One’ DVD collections will dig deeper into these new series with never-before-seen material such as exclusive bonus features, deleted scenes, blooper reels and featurettes from favoritecharacters. Each allows fans the chance to relive all their favorite moments uninterrupted, catch up on missed episodes and share theirlove for some of the best new series on TV with friends and family.


    SCANDAL: The Complete First Season


    From the creator and executive producers of “Grey's Anatomy” and “Private Practice” comes a drama revolving around the life and work of a professional crisis manager and her dysfunctional staff. A formermedia relations consultant to the President, Olivia Pope dedicates her life to protecting and defending the public images of America’s elite.

    After leaving the White House, the power consultant opened her own firm, hoping to start a new chapter -- both professionally and personally -- but she can't seem to completely cut ties with her past.

    Slowly it becomes apparent that her staff, who specialize in fixing the lives of other people, can't quite fix the ones closest at hand -- their own.

    Kerry Washington and Henry Ian Cusick lead a stellar ensemble cast in this two-disc DVD set, complete with bonus features and deleted scenes.

    Release Date: June 12, 2012 Distributor Prebook: May 1, 2012

    Rating: TV14 DLSV Suggested Retail Price: $29.99 US; $35.99 Canada

    Direct Prebook: April 17, 2012 Running Time: 301 minutes (7 episodes)

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