International A quick look at TESS from the U.K.

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    Such a beautiful film, thanks in large part to Geoffrey Unsworth's photography and Philipe Sarde's music. Very atmospheric and loaded with period detail. Not a great actress, Nastassja Kinski is very beautiful and acquits herself well enough.

    The PQ is variable. Daylight shots and those at night when there is a strong light source look sumptuous on this 2.35:1 transfer, with excellent contrast and color saturation. Grain is light but visible. However, when a strong light source is not somewhere within the frame during night shots, the image contrast -- even with brightness turned way down -- does not yield any deep blacks, and there appears to be a layer of pale light across the screen, dulling the colors. At least, on my Panny plasma, I found it impossible to find any setting for this Blu-ray that would make it look right from start to finish.

    So, for me, about three-quaters of the film looks gorgeous, and the rest disappointing. According to the BFI information, this transfer was derived from a 4K scan, and much of the time it looks that way. Maybe it's my t.v. and/or settings...

    In any case, there are several 20+ minute docs, a trailer, a booklet, and a DVD copy included.

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