A patriotic moment to come

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    I am glad to hear that most, if not all pro and college football games as well as other sports have postponed their events for this weekend. It needed to be done at least out of respect for the mourning people in this country.
    However, when they do resume, can you imagine the feeling people will have during the singing of our national anthem before these games start? At that point I speculate that many people will feel proud to be an American.
    I have heard stories of radio networks with the cooperation of the Red Cross running donation drives for those in New York and collecting $300,000 in a single day (heard from the Associated Press Radio on Yahoo radio). Blood drives being overrun with people wanting to donate. We Americans truly are good and caring people in times of need.
    I for one bought two flags today and plan on hanging them up outside my home and at my place of work.
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