A lesson in perspective

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    At work yesterday, a customer made a fairly unreasonable request and proceeded up the chain of command, becoming more indignant and belligerent as the process wore on, as did the group of employees who were involved. Eventually, the situation arrived in the lap of an older, experienced member of management who said, "let her have her way; with everything happening in the world these days, it seems stupid to be arguing over this."
    And now I think back on how angry I was that Wonka was not to be OAR, that a bidder on my ebay auction turned out to be a deadbeat, and that I lost power for six hours the other night. And then I remember the feeling in my gut as I watched on television when that first tower collapsed.
    Not to say we should not offer opinions, demand respect, or make a stand for what we believe is right.
    But of this I am certain: this lesson in perspective will be with me always.

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