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    A new Blu-ray from The History Channel (A&E) via Lionsgate, gives us a new perspective of WWII -- from space.

    Not exactly from space, but what we are offered is what high resolution imagery might have looked like, had it been available at the time.

    And, more or less, it works.  Used relatively sparingly, the images allow a greater concept of the war from a global perspective.

    As history, the 90 minute show seems on target, giving facts, numbers, technical breakdowns of weaponry and scientific advances, and how they affected the outcome of the war.

    I was unaware (or had forgotten) that the UK shipped to the Colonies their up to the minute wealth of scientific and technical knowledge, aiding the U.S. in preparing for what was to come.

    This is a high quality documentary project, especially useful if one has high school scholars at home.  For the general public, it adds a certain perspective that works.

    While I'm not certain that this is a must own disc, it's certainly worth a rental.  Currently $15 at Amazon, about which I'll have a few words shortly.




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