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    It seems that those who appreciate the cinema consider any new offering from filmmaker David Fincher as a cause for celebration.

    Combine that with a screenplay by Aaron Sorkin, which itself was based on a terrific book, and the final result may just be an award winner.

    I loved this film, which almost seems to give one the feeling that a three hour film is being viewed in a two hour time slot. The Social Network is filmmaking of the highest order.

    Shot in 4k on the Red, and down-rezzed to 2k for distribution, Sony's new Blu-ray benefits from the film's digital heritage. Everything that you saw in the theater will appear on your home theater screen, albeit a bit smaller, and occasionally with better sound than one's local cinema. Color, contrast, black levels, shadow detail are all in place, and are only limited by one's home theater system. The better the system, the more accurately tuned the system, the better this Blu-ray will look.

    An entire second disc is filled with extras that, for a change, are worthwhile, and essential viewing for those with an interest in cinema.

    Since Sony is on a roll with The Social Network, they also gave the Blu-ray beautifully designed and produced packaging. The colorful artwork that one will see in the store or on line, merely slips over the actual case and artwork. An outer sleeve is finished in matte black, with the words: YOU DON'T

    GET TO

    500 MILLION



    A FEW


    in a blind incuse design.

    Remove the outer sleeve, and an inner case, also nicely designed, opens to allow access to the two Blu-ray discs protected inside.

    If one is seeking superior entertainment, represented for home theater viewing on a perfectly created Blu-ray, this is a clear winner.

    Highly Recommended.


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