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    Buster Keaton was given a shot at a feature film role, as suggested by Douglas Fairbanks, who had played the role in the 1915 original, The Lamb.

    An interesting fact, which reminds me, when viewing the opening of The Saphead, of a reason why I disliked Raymond Rohauer, who duped a section of the main title sequence, spliced it on ahead of said sequence, and gave us a few facts about the films background. Along with a new copyright notice, which would be enough to warn off at least those without knowledge of the film's history.

    The print from which the HD master of this Blu-ray is derived, contains those extra credits, and the loss of gradation in their manufacture serves as a rather inartful way of leading to the very decent looking film element that follows.

    This is not prime Keaton. It is good Keaton.

    Fortunately, for those who love the work of this master of the cinema, he returned to his two-reelers -- the very best of them -- for another few years.

    1923 brought The Three Ages, followed by Our Hospitality, and for the next half decade, some of the greatest comedies created during the era.

    The Saphead, which as noted is derived from a 35mm print, is generally pleasing, and less digital looking than some of the previous Kino Keaton releases.

    I'd love to see Kino put a bit of money into these releases, and give them more of a digital clean-up.

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