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    Disney's The Rookie, now available as a Blu-Ray disc, is a warm, fuzzy, sentimental, and heartwarming film.

    And that's probably just about enough to keep most people away from it.

    But the film is a terrific warm, fuzzy, sentimental and heartwarming production. It tells the true story of a once in a lifetime opportunity for a teacher and coach to make his way to majors at twice the age of others trying out for the team.

    The BD release is very nicely rendered, with a sharp well-produced image, clean colors, black blacks and a big, expansive track.

    I would suggest that potential viewers work to get past precognitions of it being warm and fuzzy, sentimental and heartwarming in that old-fashioned Disney way...

    and just go for it.

    The film is a treat -- a beautiful story, told well.



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