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    Disney's Miramax division has minted an extremely high quality Blu-Ray edition of Stephen Frears' The Queen.

    Headlined by a performance by Helen Mirren, for which she justifiably won Best Actress in the 2006 Academy Awards, and inclusive of all co-starring and supporting players, especially Michael Sheen as newly elected Prime Minister Tony Blair, The Queen is a magnificently mounted production which makes an appearance in Blu-Ray with every cinematographic and aural element intact.

    With four decades of acting experience, Ms. Mirren always brings special attributes and understanding to her roles. There is a tiny moment toward the end of The Queen, in which Ms. Mirren and Mr. Sheen are meeting for the first time since problems for the monarchy began. Offering her hand to be taken by her Prime Minister in greeting, it is removed in a perfectly timed move as his is about to make contact. A tiny point that tells volumes.

    This is a magnificent disc of a magnificent film with all of Affonso Beato's brilliant colors and subtle hues of the original film intact. Derived from a digital intermediate, the disc has the dirt-free look provided by the technology, while still being true to grain structure.

    The Queen is Very Highly Recommended.


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