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    While I'll not get into the politics of it, two things kept going through my mind as I viewed Roman Polanski's political thriller, The Ghost Writer (Summitt).


    The first was how and where sequences were shot.


    With Mr. Polanski unable to travel to the U.S., I was continually attempting to figure out what was green screen, second unit, etc.


    The other, (I'm currently reading Tony Blair's memoir, A Journey) are the political similarities, at least on a basic level, this seems to be with his personal history.


    That aside, The Ghost Writer is a deft thriller, based upon the novel by Robert Harris (no relation) that makes good use of its cast. Interestingly, while Tom Wilkinson is shorn of this accent, taking on a New England-ish tone ("What are you, from Harvard or something?"), Kim Cattrall returns to hers.


    A reasonably insular film, based upon its reported 35 million dollar cost, it works on all levels, as the game of cat and cat and mouse is in progress.


    A very nice looking Blu-ray from Summitt -- it should be as the film is a DI -- and an entertaining film.


    It's nice to have Mr. Polanski behind the camera again.





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