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    Luc Besson's efx heavy The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele-Sec, will not be for all tastes.

    I loved it.

    Based upon a French comic book, the film brings to life an almost lunatic cast of characters surrounding our heroine Adele, who immediately, astride her camel in the desert, had me thinking of Gertrude Bell, Queen of the desert, as well as that other gentleman and his camel-riding exploits during The Great War.

    In TEAoAB-S, we have less characters, than caricatures of the extremely odd cast.

    The short story is that the film is a wonderful way to spend 107 minutes, and to allow your imagination a bit of free range.

    As a Blu-ray Shout Factory's release is exemplary.  Both visually and aurally, the film is a magnificent presentation.

    Interestingly, Shout has already announced a "director's cut" arriving October 1st.  I can't wait to see what changes and additions it brings.

    Currently under $17 at Amazon, and worth every penny.

    To the technical, the film was shot on 35mm film (3-perf) to a DI.

    The Blu-ray defaults to an English dubbed version, to which I immediately took a dislike, and quickly switched over to proper French language with English sub-titles.  To me, the film works much better that way.

    Another winner for Shout Factory.




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