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    Scream Factory's new release of the Amityville Horror films aligns quite well with the budgets of the individual films, and has less to do with the years in which they were made. All three films were released within about four years.

    They all look quite good, with appropriate grain, and nicely resolved imagery. Generally, they're typical of Shout products. All three could use a bit of digital clean-up, but not having it actually give the films, more-so the earliest, a film-like look, with a bit of occasional minus density.

    Although not receiving the greatest of reviews, the original film was a major hit with audiences, grossing over 80 million dollars in box office.

    The only problem that I found, was with the 3D version of Amityville 3D. Quite a bit of movement between the eyes, which I've got to believe, could have been digitally stabilized.

    Other than that, a quality set that will make fans of the films extremely happy, especially for $40 for the boxed set of three films.

    Although Jay Anson, the author of the novel, may be best known for Amityville, movie-goers from the late '60s to early '70s may know his work in publicity featurettes made for the studios, which ran primarily on television, via Professional Films / Robbins Nest Productions.

    Image - 3.5 to 4.5

    Audio - 5

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