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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Robert Harris, Aug 4, 2012.

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    Lionsgate has repackaged two good films, and one far less good film, and turned them into something "collectable."

    Previously available separately, in decent to good-looking Blu-ray releases, true collectors will also want to own this special release, which I presume are the same discs available as singles.

    While I own the Rambo boxed set, available on Amazon for $36 -- four discs, as well as the single of Cop Land, which is currently under $10, I've nothing against which to compare Lock Up, which is an overall okay Blu-ray. It appears noise-reduced, but I honestly didn't spend any real time with it, as it's a title that never interested me.

    Cop Land is a good-looking Blu-ray, while First Blood belies its low budget roots,but is still fine.

    If I were not a Stallone completist, and owned nothing but the original Rocky, and was desirous of adding First Blood and Cop Land to my library, I'd do that, and pass on the Collector's set. First Blood and Cop Land will run $17.50 vs. a bit over $22 for the trilogy. Is Lock Up not worth $4.50? That's a question only the reader can answer.

    Lionsgate is turning out some very high quality releases these days, and I'm certain that re-packaging has its merits toward getting shelf space. Personally, I'd save the $4.50, and put it toward Grand Illusion.


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