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    The filmmakers of Planet Ocean, a beautifully produced documentary, with a goal of saving our oceans, was photographed flying above, and diving the waters of 34 different countrys.

    Watching parts of this film, I felt the obligation to go out of purchase a new Omega Ocean chronometer, as it was Omega that to some major degree, gave financial backing to the production.

    Like a number of others ocean based productions, the cinematography is magnificent.  Whether viewing our oceans from above or below the waves, the point is made, that respect for our planet is essential.

    DP on the project was Jean-Luc Andre, with underwater photography by led by David Hannan and Denis Lagrange.


    While it appears that the film was at least substantially shot in HD, with stock footage from other sources, I've not found complete information anywhere.

    A beautiful documentary, that tells an important story.

    Highly Recommended.



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