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    I can vividly recall my first visit to St. Augustine, Fl. -- a nice stop while heading south.

    The olde fort was the centerpiece, but at that time there was a nearby museum/store, stocked with odd antiquities from the far corners of the globe. This was before everything was hecho en China, and the United States had given up on manufacturing. I wanted to leave with either the genuine shrunken head or the mummy's finger. My parents felt both were inappropriate, and I ended up with a coconut carved into a facsimile head of Ian McShane, or whomever was a popular pirate of the era.

    Viewing PotC:OST in 2D vs. 3D are very different worlds, and unlike the last two animated features released, I'm siding with the 3D disc on this one, as, even putting up with the darkness and glasses, the 3D works beautifully. The film was shot that way.

    For those who have not yet made the leap into 3D, please keep in mind that your monitor/projector will need a different setting. One that while generally boosting illumination, also should take into account the tint of the lenses one is wearing.

    Even properly boosted, PotC:OST still has a dark overall look to it, but the eye adapts.

    As a film, I questioned the directorial choice of Rob Marshall, who so beautifully crafted Chicago. Could he do a pirate, effects-laden production? The answer turns out to be an unqualified yes, and just as beautifully.

    Although very different from its predecessors, the new film has the delightful Penelope Cruz in a lead role, playing the daughter of the incomparable Ian McShane, probably known best here for his heavily linguistically raw work in Deadwood, as Blackbeard.

    A huge production, beautifully photographed on Red, and what we end up with on Disney's Blu-ray disc, is a down-rezzed port of the original data, and it doesn't get closer to original than that on Blu-ray.

    Like the earlier Pirate films, On Stranger Tides is a great deal of fun, a perfect summer blockbuster.

    If one can put up with a bit of darkness, I suggest going 3D on this one.

    Uncompressed 7.1 audio finished off a perfect package, which by the way is a beautifully designed package. Five (count 'em) five discs -- Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, Blu-ray special features, DVD and Digital Copy, all held in a solid plastic case just half an inch in thickness, enclosed in a slipcase with 3D, embossed artwork. Very nicely done.



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