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    Paramount's new Blu-ray of Arthur Hiller's Love Story (1970), looks like precisely what it is.

    A reasonably low budget (2.2 million) film for its time.

    It is based upon an original screenplay by author Erich Segal, who turned it into a novella before the film's release, which in turn became one of the most popular reads of its day. The little film became a very big film, after it grossed over 100 million dollars.

    Today, it's still a very sweet film, and a consummate tear-jerker.

    How does it look on Blu-ray?

    Just fine. Again, it's a low budget affair.

    The image looks great to my eye, with the exception of occasional color problems. One such as Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal are walking on an overcast day, and whites have gone green. Not pretty.

    The film is currently listed at a strange $20.99 on Amazon, although the suggested list is $19.99. I presume that number will come down before release date.

    Worth the price of admission?

    Yes, especially for a piece of history, which it is.

    Look for the young Tom (later Tommy) Lee Jones in his first appearance.



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