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    One of the things that came as a very pleasant confirmation of the quality of HD broadcast vs. Blu-ray technology was how different Season 3 of Lost looked in its Blu incarnation. The difference, at least to my eye, was extreme.

    Enter Season 4, precisely one year later, and with a bit more experience under everyone's belts, and the look may be even better. I generally view TV programming on screens that are used for that purpose, and on a Pioneer Kuro 50", the degree of absolute resolution, detail and color rendered from these discs is astonishing.

    Lost is one of the best and (occasionally) most frustrating series to ever hit the tube, especially in terms of story line, which seems to have no problem leaping from one mountaintop to the next, while layer upon layer of hidden or unchecked information find its way slowly the fore.

    Lost keeps the viewing on the edge of the seat while offering superlative programming quality.

    This is another perfect Blu-ray for the folks at Disney.

    UPDATE: Lost must be one of the most infuriatingly interesting and concurrently confusing entertainments to hit the small screen. Filled with myriads of details that usually go unnoticed at first screening, they take on more and more importance and impact as sequences flash forward, back, forward and even further back with no particular synchronicity apparent at the time.

    This is Great television.

    After making it through the entire Season 4, I've had a chance to view the extras, which in the case of this release are as stellar as the main attraction. I've never been a fan of the "slap on the back," "great to work with them" kind of documentary. What I do like are featurettes with a purpose, especially if that purpose goes beyond making the "fans" happy.

    That is the case here. Students of film and filmmaking can spend some quality time with the cast and crew...

    and actually learn something.

    Highly Recommended.


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