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    Lie to Me* is a terrific TV series with a wonderful cast, and one of the most intelligent premises to hit the airwaves. It's actually a show that I occasionally went out of my way to see in broadcast. Viewing all 13 episodes may not teach you how to tell if someone is lying to you, or what they're really thinking, but it will give a full 572 minutes of extremely high quality entertainment.

    Whenever I view product created for television on Blu-ray, I generally begin by running it on a 50" plasma, which is generally about the largest that the audience will be seeing it. I like to give television productions a leg up when it comes to critically considering resolution, black levels, color, etc., especially for programming inclusive of effects work. Many of these productions begin to show their limits after that size, but some do not.

    Lie to Me* looks superb projected at 100"+, and along with an immersive audio track, reproduced here in DTS HD, is an extremely pleasurable way to spend an the occasional hour.



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