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    Over the past 35 years or so, IMAX has given us some stunning documentaries, some rather boring productions, and in the past few years, that very special faux IMAX experience, making some question whether IMAX was turning into a marketing tool.

    With Legends of Flight, a 3D production that works beautifully in 3D, IMAX gives us something worthy, but less than great, with producer/director Stephen Low at the helm.

    While Legends of Flight might be considered a halo film for Boeing, it's more than that. Using 3D well, along with quite a bit of digital animation, the viewer actually gets a package that has the IMAX look and film, along with an education on the technology of flight, the construction and design of airliners, and a very abridged, but nicely produced history of air travel.

    Personally, I would have preferred more actual footage, as opposed to the digital imagery of aircraft, however the film does make its points, and works in many cases. Some of the digital work just seems oddly conceived.

    At a relatively standard 42 minute length, I could have gone longer with more examples of aircraft, especially if they had gone with actual cinematography of the older examples.

    An enjoyable film, definately worth the $25 price of admission for aircraft buffs, and collectors of 3D that works on a tech basis.


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