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    I'll not waste words on either the history or importance of D.W. Griffith's 1916 epic Intolerance. A short discussion can be found in the booklet that comes with the Cohen Film Collection Blu-ray.

    If more info is desired, multiple articles and books are available.

    For the general public, during the past fifty years, Intolerance was generally seen in poor to decent quality via public domain 16mm dupes. Some of higher quality, such as might be available from Blackhawk were also the norm.

    As part of the Rohauer library, now owned by Cohen Media Group, 35mm elements of far higher quality have been in distribution via Photoplay Productions, synchronized with their score by Carl Davis.

    It is this version, running 168 minutes, that has been released on Blu-ray, and it's a winner.

    Appearing to be generally sourced from duplicate negatives, Cohen has thankfully (with the aid of Modern Videofilm) allowed the inherent grain structure to remain, nicely cleaned the majority of errant scratches and dirt, and created a digital version unlike anything seen in the analogue world probably since...


    With a score synchronized at 24fps, and a film that runs at 16, frames must be doubled, and I'm having no problem with the way that this was handled. Technically, there is not (at this time) a way around it.

    These are, after all, moving pictures.

    Anything that comes from Photoplay is going to be quality work, and this version of Intolerance, with its tints and tones in place, is no exception.

    Resolution is superb. Black levels and generally good shadow detail, help add to the mix, held together with digital stabilization.

    Not a great deal to say here. Cohen's Intolerance is a quality product. I would have preferred that it not begin with a presentation credit to Modern Videofilm, and that it would have contained proper restoration credits at the tail, but that's neither here nor there.

    This is the nicest that Intolerance is apt to look on Blu-ray.

    Image - 4.25

    Highly Recommended.

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