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    I've been a huge fan of MacGillivray Freeman productions since their initial Imax production, To Fly, in 1976, which appears to be coming to us via Inception later this month.

    For a small Laguna Beach production company that began shooting surfing films, and moved on to aerial photography, they are to me, the company to beat when it comes to anything Imax.

    Having seen enough large format shows that have little to say, I not only look forward to MF productions, but welcome their arrival on Blu-ray, as within the home theater format, Blu-ray enables them to shine, allowing us at least an idea of what their 70mm 15 perf counterparts might look like.

    Do they need to be experienced in Imax?


    In the 35 years that they have been at the Imax helm, MF has given us over 25 great films.

    Image Entertainment is releasing two of their more recent, the 2006 Greece: Secrets of the Past and Arabia (2010) in 3D.

    Both of these productions have the MF look and feel. They are intelligently written, gorgeously photographed and without an ounce of fat in their content.

    For those who recall the travel documentaries of the 1930s - 50s, which always ended with a line of narration such as "and as we leave the island of the seven virgins..." Well, these dynamic films are not your father's or grandfather's documentaries.

    With beautiful fly-over cinematography (MF shot the helicopter footage for The Shining), we are given total access to the beauty of Greece, inclusive of a digital reconstruction of the Parthenon in Athens, and the great deserts of the Arabian Peninsula.

    Beyond everything else, MF films educate, and there are messages.

    For Greece we learn of great early societies, some eradicated by volcanic eruptions, but more importantly in Arabia 3D, for those who may not have known, we find the extraordinary adventure of the Arab civilization -- "Do you know, lieutenant, in the Arab city of Cordoba, were two miles of lighting in the streets, when London was a village."

    Just two examples of their extraordinary output, with more to come.

    I guess I'm just a sucker for MacGillivray Freeman films.

    The Blu-ray presentations are dead-on perfect, scanned with perfection and replicated to specific standards, they shine on even the largest home projection systems.

    Highly Recommended.


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