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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Robert Harris, Sep 4, 2007.

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    Paramount's new DVD of the 1983 cultural phenomenon, Flashdance, has arrived.

    While I'm an acknowledged foe of degraining, and while Flashdance has lost a bit of it's grittiness via the loss of grain, the general audience isn't going to miss it.

    And unlike some films, which lose their high frequency information along with the grain structure, at least Flashdance doesn't go soft and murky. It holds up nicely.

    The other element coming into play is that Flashdance was meant from the beginning as popular entertainment as opposed to art, so in some ways the freshly shined linoleum look isn't a terrible thing in this case.

    Other than that small personal caveat, Flashdance looks fine and sounds terrific, with the score coming through loud, clean and crystal clear.

    At almost the quarter century mark, Flashdance holds up beautifully. The cast, topped by then newcomer Jennifer Beals and her wonderfully infectious smile and personality, was lucky enough to be on the camera side of a film that has stood the test of time.

    If one doesn't have Flashdance in their collection this disc comes Recommended.

    If one does, it might be best to wait for the HD release, which must be coming down the pike sometime in the near future, as this film, with it's colorful and vibrant cinematography, was created for it.

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