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    "Gable's back and Garson's got him!"

    While neither are in Fast & Furious (4), the film does re-team the thesps who made the initial 2001 outing a success.

    Let's be quite honest. The purpose of films like to F & F is to entertain. Not a great deal more. One isn't apt to leave the theater deep in thought about world hunger, war or why gay and lesbian couples seem to have such an uphill battle to gain equality in marriage.

    The film is about action, noise, what appears to be incredible driving, punctuated by nicely edited shots of a hand on a gearbox or a foot on a clutch.

    It is what it is. And what it is, is entertaining. Don't be looking for a message.

    That said, Universal's new Blu-ray is gorgeous to the eyes and thrilling to the ears in DTS-HD Master audio.

    One couldn't ask more of a Blu-ray disc. This is beautifully rendered software.

    And it also opens with an incredible action chase sequence that will get your attention from frame one.


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