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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Robert Harris, Aug 25, 2006.

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    It seldom occurs that I see something so revolutionary (or possibly evolutionary) that it stands apart from everything else currently being presented.

    It was suggested that I examine Broken Saints, and had no idea what I was getting into.

    Fox Home Entertainment has released a massive, 24 episode, 4 disc set in rather unique and beautiful packaging, commensurate with what is contained therein.

    And what is contained therein is 626 minutes of what to me appears to be a cross between comic books, anime, graphic novels and film, all pulled together via Flash computer technology.

    This is not your grandfather's animated film.

    It is a sometimes astoundingly beautiful, occasionally terrifying, meandering, bewildering, depressing...

    but beyond the apocalyptic tale of four strangers brought together, which may not be to the taste of all, is what I perceive to be a new form of art which cannot be denied as important, and potentially the future of at least a portion of the "animated" industry.

    Rather than attempt to explain the storyline, which I cannot do, this is what the official web site has to say:

    " Launched exclusively online in January 2001 to resounding critical acclaim - and seen by more than 3 million people worldwide - the Sundance Award-winning animated 'graphic novel' saga Broken Stains is a revolution in storytelling. Fusing anime style, comic book text, and cinematic effects and music, th is 12-hour fantasy horror epic follows four strangers as they received a series of chilling apocalyptic visions. Simultaneously drawn to a dark city in the West, their fates - and the fate of the world - are somehow tied to a global satellite network, a massive conspiracy ...and a mysterious orphan girl with a terrifying secret. What will they give to save us all?

    What will they give to know the truth?"

    I have not viewed all 12 hours of this animated epic, but from an examination of a number of discs and a couple of hours time spent with them, I certainly recommend Broken Saints to anyone with an interest in the technologies involved.

    As I noted above, this isn't for everyone, but stands as a new and unique achievement in the animation and cinema arts.



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