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    Twilight Tiime has seen fit to give us a new Blu-ray of Otto Preminger's 1958 Bonjour Tristesse.

    There are quite few people who consider this to be a major Preminger production. I'm not among them.

    Based upon the novel by Francoise Sagan, translated for the screen by Arthur Laurents, this is a film that I wish had been made in the time of Blow Up and other such productions, in an era far less sexually repressed. While we may be given just a glimpse of what may be going on beneath the surface of this film, especially with the role played by Jean Seberg, for whom this was her second film. She would not make Breathless for another two years, followed by Lilith and some other wonderful performances. Sadly, by 1979, she was gone. I still recall sitting in a theater in 1968, watching her in Birds in Peru.

    I'll be the first to admit that my taste in films is unusual at the least, so I suggest making up one's own mind about this one.

    And the new Blu-ray from Columbia for TT, is a lovely looking presentation.

    Superb color, and generally great looking.

    Many whom I respect have very positive things to say about BT, so I believe it's worth a look.

    Image - 4

    Audio - 4.5



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