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    The superb George Cukor film of the Gordon / Kanin A Double Life, is a decent looking Olive Title, with fewer clean-up problems than some others.

    Its black & white cinematography by the great Milton Krasner, who also photographed forthcoming The Sterile Cuckoo for Olive, works sometimes, and not quite as well at others on the Blu-ray. Part of the problem may be that timing needed just a bit more tweaking.

    The film also has some obvious dupes, which do not come into play as part of the Olive mastering process, as they are what they are.

    Image quality, from blacks to shadow detail to gray scale are decent, but changeable.

    An important film, and the final truly great performance by Ronald Coleman, who, for those unaware, lead the casts in some brilliant films in the 1930s. Worth a bit of research.

    Image - 3.5

    Audio - 4



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