8 Mile DVD

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    I never seen this in the theater so I have no reference for picture quality. I’m in no position for video quality reviews anyway; my monitor went out of style with the Japanese laserdisc import of Pulp Fiction ;-)

    There was little to no surround out of the back four speakers.

    The” making of” was less than 10 minutes so I was a little disappointed.

    Where are the videos from the soundtrack? They give us a video from a totally unrelated project, “superman” from “The Eminem Show”

    The best part of the extras is the Free-Styling Rap Competition that was shot but never used.

    I‘m curious to see the demographic of customers that will purchase one. Will it be the same crew that buys his discs or will it include John Briefcase. If I wasn’t into Hip Hop I probably would not have bought or watched it.

    Just in-case your wondering,no my copy is not a screener or a boot.


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