7 Channel SpeakerCraft MT8.5 In-Wall Speakers FOR SALE.

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    7x SpeakerCraft MT8.5 three way, 120 watts In-Wall Speakers. These are in beautiful and pristine condition. You can see what they look like mounted in-wall in the following photo of my old condo and HT setup: http://img527.imageshack.us/img527/6093/livingroom19rt.jpg That photo was taken approx. 5 years ago and they've only gotten a light work out in the time since their installation, as I spent little time at home. I've since sold my place and moved cities and had the speakers gently removed and reboxed. They are in like-new retail condition. They are the MT8.5 updated model and they pack a real punch - the sound quality is superb! I would ideally like to get $3,500 for them, which is the cheapest you will find anywhere for 7 channel high-end speakers of this caliber. Please email me directly if interested: oliverbesner@sympatico.ca Thanks so much!

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