7.1 Cable - How to make?

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    I have an audiogy 2 sound card with 3 outputs - 1)Front L/R and 2)Rear L/R and lastly 3)Centre/Sub.

    The card supports 5.1 and 7.1. The manual shows the 7.1 connection using a cable you must buy that uses the 3 connections from 7.1 sound that makes up the extra connection to side amp(7 below)? I think part of the side right is summed off the Centre and rear...not sure. This is some form of a standard right?

    How do I make a 7.1 mini-rca cable?
    1. FRONT -Line Out 1 jack Audiogy Card
    2. REAR -Line Out 2 jack Audiogy Card
    3. CENTRE/SUB Line Out 3 jack Audiogy Card


    4. Rear (Audio Input) jack
    5. Front (Audio Input) jack
    6. Center/Subwoofer (Audio Input) jack
    7. Side (Audio Input) jack

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