55 Days at Peking

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    Neither El Cid nor Fall Of The Roman Empire were 'restored' for their deluxe packaged DVD releases. However, the image harvest on both was still light years ahead of the bootlegged copies we've had to contend with from Japanese distributors over the years. With Sony on board there is some minor optimism that these films as well as 55 Days at Peking and Circus World will be given their due some day. Whether any of us commenting on these discussion boards today will live to see it is another matter.
    Bottom line: all are worthy of restoration and preservation - some are in more desperate need than others. So, hope and pray is the order of the day, and writing letters of inquiry to Sony. The more you hound (politely, though), the more you alert incoming executives of the public interest in such titles. So, write those letters and keep them coming.

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