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    We've been putting together a small screening room in our office (so not exactly home cinema, but on a similar kind of level)
    Due to the layout of the room, I'm a little uncertain about where I would be best off mounting the rear speakers.
    Here's the layout of the room:
    The screen is 3m wide, and the room is 2.20m high (relatively low, as these things go)
    So I've got three questions, really.
    1) What height should I position the front speakers at? (The center speaker is currently planned for the floor under the screen). I saw one suggestion of having them 2" above ear height, which would mean about 50cm down from the ceiling)
    2) What would be the best position for the rear speakers (I would imagine that they would be a similar distance from the ceiling as the front ones, but which of the three positions I have marked would be best (or an alternate position)
    3) What would be the ideal place for the sub, near the back (or should I ensure that I have the cabling to get it at the front?) The most convenient place for it would be to the left of the outcrop at the back of the room.
    Thanks, any advice much appreciated!

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