42" to 50" monitor--RPTV(DLP, LCD, CRT) vs Plasma

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Loren Jones, Dec 26, 2003.

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    Posting on behalf of a friend. I know audio fairly well but not much about display devices. He is looking for a monitor in the 42" to 50" size range around which to build his new home theater. Room is probably 18' square and main viewing probably 12' from screen position. There are several windows on the wall opposite the screen. He will view broadcast SDTV and DVD's probably in equal proportions.
    He and his family are not critical viewers, so I think any HD capable model with a DVI input will suffice for picture quality.

    Are the advantages of plasma (brighter screen in room with high ambient light, and wider viewing angle) worth the extra money? Unless somebody here can convince me otherwise I am going to advise him to go for an RPTV unit. I have seen a lower level Mitsubishi CRT RPTV compared with a 50" Sony LCD RPTV and the Sony seemed to have a brighter picture and wider viewing angle. Of the RPTV technologies are there any general differences in usable viewing angle or in brightness?

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