4 ohm Speaker to a 2 Ohm amp?

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    What would happen when I installed a 4 ohm speaker to 2 ohm Amplifier?

    For home system, if you have a 2 ohm out put Amp you'll be able to power almost any speaker out on the market. Due to 2 ohm amp will have no problem power any speaker rate at 4/6/8//16 ohm effort lessly. The only draw back is you might blown the speaker when playing too loud as 2 ohm output could be too much for it. But if you do the reverse to hook up a 2 ohm speaker to a 4 ohm amp then you'll running the risk of over heating your amp as now your amp will need to work twice as hard to push a 2 ohm speaker.

    So, apply this logic its should be okay.

    Anyone done it with your car that can give me more convincing reason of why I should not do it?

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