36 TV Box Sets Lot - $625+ Invested - CS, Roseanne, 3rd Rock, Much More!!! Must GO!

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    All in like new shape except Titus season 3. I keep them in an enclosed cabinet. All where bought either new from deepdiscount.com or Amazon. Total spent on these is about $625. I am trying to slim down my collection and possibly move into blu ray.

    Check here for the details on the box sets.
    DVD Aficionado

    Lot Includes:
    • Roseanne 1-9
    • 3rd Rock From the Sun 1-6
    • Viva La Bam 1, 2&3, 4&5
    • Martin 1-5
    • Fresh Prince of Bel Air 1-4
    • Jamie Kennedy Experiment 1-3
    • Drew Carey Show 1
    • Jackass: Complete Series
    • Stacked Complete Series
    • Undeclared Complete Series
    • Titus 1&2, 3 (Slash on top of box from box cutter, was like this when I bought new from DD)

    Looking for $275 Shipped

    Edit: If anyone wants feedback....

    Total I think there are 700+ transactions without a negative.

    Edit Again: Roseanne alone is going for around 130 and as much as 160 on Ebay.

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