2 part drama from the 1980's, anybody got any ideas??

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    Hi all,
    I am looking for the name of a 2 part mini series from the 1980's.

    The plot is as follows:
    Women is sent to jail for stealing (I think) and plans an escape. Her job is looking after the wardens daughter.
    Then at the time she should be escaping, the wardens daughter falls in the lake and the women rescues her. Because of this she is granted early release from jail.
    She gets a job cleaning in a hotel, but is accused of stealing - because of her record. so she goes back into
    stealing, where she meets her partner in crime.
    I remember lots of complicated thefts and strobe lights as alarms, but thats about it. For some reason I think the title sounded like " running out of time' or 'running against time' but I could be wrong as nothing seems to come up on a google search. I don't think anyone famous was in it.

    Your help would be much appreciated.

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