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    Hello forum, I have a specific question I was hoping you guys could help me with. I'll lay it out simple and let me know if you need anything else to give the best advice. Thanks a ton! Gear set to purchase-- Receiver: Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A800 Fronts: Canton 509.2 DC towers Backs: Canton 502.2 Center: Canton 505.2 I will be using this as a 5.1 setup (going to roll without a sub since the towers should suffice for now, so a 5.0 or 5.2 depending on how you want to look at it) as well as running an iPod hookup via a Wadia audio 170iTransport to extract the digital signal out to the onboard DAC in the receiver via optical cable for 2 channel stereo use. Handily, this receiver allows me to use a dedicated 2 channel amp for the front towers since there are channel specific pre-outs. My question: It seems the 509.2 are very (understandably so) power hungry, needing 160 watts RMS to run properly. To me, it seems like this is dedicated amp territory since it looks as though most receivers in the $1K range don't have this kind of output power, and if they did it would probably overdo the surrounds and center. Does this community have suggestions for a 2 channel 160 watt/channel amplifier? It seems like this kind of power is hard to come by in the home audio department. That is unless you think the receiver's built in amp should power it fine? Spec sheet for the receiver can be found here, and the sheet for the Canton 509.2 can be found here. The power output ratings on Yamaha's website for 8/6/4 ohm impedance seem to indicate it might be a possibility? It seems the Canton's impedance is unclear, stating 4...8 ohm. Does this mean either option is available upon ordering or is that the range of the impedance the speaker unit experiences throughout being driven... since we all know speaker impedance isn't exactly "static". If I can get a 4 ohm version, is this advisable so I can get the output power from the Yamaha receiver necessary? (I'm pretty certain this amp in the receiver should be stable down to 4 ohm) Thank you so much, your time is MUCH appreciated.

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